About me

I am a mother, wife, lover of all things travel, and a wedding planner. I am originally from Canada where I was a teacher for six years. I also completed my Event Management certificate while living there. After marrying my wonderful husband (who is American) I moved to the States to start a new chapter in my life. That chapter included children and a new career.  Here I am today with two kids that keep me on my toes each and every day and a career in wedding planning which I absolutely love. 


The Small Details

I loved everything about my wedding.....except that I didn't have a planner. I like to plan and I'm organized so I thought "I've got this!". In reality, when your wedding day arrives, there are just too many little details for one person to take care of. As much as you'd like to have your hand in everything, it becomes overwhelming and you no longer enjoy your special day. You can throw last minute jobs at friends and family (whom I'm sure will help you willingly) but don't you want them to enjoy your wedding as well? Leave the details to a professional so you and your guests can just enjoy the celebration!