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About me

My name is Michelle. I am originally from Canada but when I had the opportunity to move somewhere warm I took it without hesitation. Any day that I can wear flip flops is a good day! When I am not working I am usually driving my kids to various activites, walking my dogs or planning trips for our family. I started wedding planning 7 years ago as a side job/hobby while being a stay at home mom with my two kids. It soon evolved into a full time business. I could not be more thankful for the opportunities I have been given and the bride's that trust me with their wedding day. 


The Small Details

I loved everything about my wedding.....except that I didn't have a planner. I like to plan and I'm organized so I thought "I've got this!". In reality, when your wedding day arrives, there are just too many little details for one person to take care of. As much as you'd like to have your hand in everything, it becomes overwhelming and you no longer enjoy your special day. You can throw last minute jobs at friends and family (whom I'm sure will help you willingly) but don't you want them to enjoy your wedding as well? Leave the details to a professional so you and your guests can just enjoy the celebration! 

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